What is love?

Love can’t be defined exactly what you feel in words. you can only give some words to your feelings but can never exactly portray about love….It is said that, that love is not love which can be expressed in words….the most important thing is that love doesn’t only means love for your partner….

Bonding Of Love

The bonding between a Child and Mother, father and son, brother and sister,friends,grandparents and grand childrens and every relationship which have some kind of special bonding also has love in it.
but nowadays peoples only give attention or importance to love for their partners.

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Partners Love

The love between two loving partners has it’s different importance.
Like meeting a random person and that person becomes the world for you, every time you start thinking about that special one.
You start having constant feeling for a person. the way you feel something special,romantic,affectionated,attached this will give you another level of positive vibe.
and the best part comes when the person whom you love, feels exactly same the way you feel.

Now you both are in Love

Okay, so now you both are in love what’s next.
see according to me getting in love is not a big task the important thing is to keep that relationship Alive with the same level of love which you had in starting in fact this should keep increasing by the time.
Trust, care, time,being loyal…if both person gives their best to keep these things forever in their relationship then i can surely say that no one ever can seperate them whatever situations or circumstances come they will be together forever.

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My View

At last i would like to give one message to everyone that “do love only when you have guts to carry out for life, or else don’t defame the name and purity of love”.

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